Broken Vessels

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A Book for Wounded Souls

Have you ever experienced a hurtful situation that left you devastated and disillusioned?

Have you ever wondered where God was in your time of need?

Are the wounds covered over by the passing years, yet still festering inside of you?

If so, be encouraged by Ken’s incredible story of forgiveness and redemption.

Drawing upon inspiration from the Bible, read how we are just like the wounded and flawed individuals of old. From the Garden of Eden to Abraham and the story of God’s people growing into a nation, God used the wounded, overlooked, and flawed to accomplish his purposes. In God’s loving care, truth and humility set free those bound by the pain of a broken past.

“We can spend our entire lives trying to understand and reconcile what has happened to us,” writes Ken. “Despite this, God uses flawed people. He takes earthen vessels, sometimes breaking and remolding them, but always accomplishing his sovereign will. For some strange reason, God’s servants often must be broken before they are fit for the Master’s use.”

Read how Ken applied the principles in God’s Word to redeem hurtful situations. As the Prophet Isaiah tells all who mourn in Israel, if we walk in God’s ways, “he will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, and praise instead of despair.”

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“BROKEN VESSELS: God’s GLORY through FLAWED Humanity is a perfect title for this book. The author reveals his humanity, the humanity we all possess and usually keep hidden for fear of what others may think. There is a deep healing that can occur when one soul removes their mask for all to see. God only has the broken and the weak to choose from to do his work. We are more alike than you may think and we all struggle, so do not give up. As followers of Christ, we are not better than others, but we are better off in Christ. If you are struggling as a Christian and think you are failing, read this book.”

We are called as Christians to confess our sins to each other and pray for each other so that we may be healed (James 5:16). I believe that this book represents what James was teaching us. In a beautifully transparent way, the author confesses not only his hidden sins but the hurt feelings that he had carried for years. By doing so, he allows others to experience the fact that “God is always one step ahead of us, preparing the way for our healing and restoration.”This book allowed me to realize that I am not alone in my suffering. As I walked alongside Ken, I felt God healing my heart.

“I love the honesty and forthrightness Ken shows in this book. I have never read a Christian author who pours himself into his work as unapologetically as Ken Barnes. He addresses a sensitive and oft-ignored topic: challenging relationships within Christian organizations. He shares his pain and how he dealt with it, without glossing over its repercussions in his spiritual life. Anyone struggling with problematic relationships in Christian living can learn and grow from Ken’s straightforward account. This book arrives at the time in history when Christian organizations are reeling under the RZIM melt-down. A major take-away from this and Ken’s experience is that we must worship ONLY God, not man!”

“This is a very vulnerable and honest look into the life of someone who only ever wanted to serve God and met some pain and disillusion along the way. It is a timely look at the depth of hurt that can occur when a ministry or church with the purpose of serving an infallible God are impacted by probably well-meaning but very fallible people. We shouldn’t have to walk through this pain and disillusion alone. Thanks to the open-hearted sharing of this author’s pain and subsequent lessons, and his willingness to reveal his darkest moments, we are offered an example of overcoming the hurt and realizing that even in our brokenness we are vessels for God’s truth.”