Political Nearsightedness

Myopia or “nearsightedness” or “shortsightedness” is an eye condition where you can view objects up close clearly, but things far away may appear blurry. I want to suggest to you that because of our political bias, we are so focused on to impeach or not to impeach, that we are oblivious to the long-range consequences to our democratic form of government. We have become politically “shortsighted.”
The transcript of President Trump’s call to the Ukrainian leader, the center of the impeachment controversy, has become a Rorschach test. The inkblot test where people see different things of the same image. Democrats read it and see an impeachable offense; Republicans do not. Beauty, or guilt, in this case, seems to be in the eye of the beholder.
So, the battle continues in a partisan manner, but the Democrats rule the House of Representatives and therefore have the bully pulpit. Something as grave as the removal of a duly elected President should be done only on a bipartisan basis. Take the vote and let both sides be represented and let the chips fall as they may. If they do not want to take the vote, then they should settle it the old fashion way, at the ballot box.
Maybe our political leaders need corrective lenses to view the situation as an American first, then as a Republican or Democrat. If we don’t, I fear that no one will ever be able to exercise the Office of the Presidency again.

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