“No labor of love done for God is ever in vain, for He sees and he never, ever forgets.”

“Once again, God had proven to be better than my best expectations, and wiser than my wisest thoughts.”

“My repentance was not just to be words that I said but actions that demonstrated that my words were true.”

“Anything that challenges God’s supremacy and lordship is a vain idol, which God in his mercy must allow to die.”

“It is my job to obey, and it is God’s job to take care of the results.”

“God is an expert in taking nothing and making something.”

“True service always has a sacrificial aspect to it.The giving of up ourselves is always at the core of authentic service.”

“You do the possible, and God will do the impossible.”

“It is never just about me and Jesus.As we love and serve God, this love must overflow to others.”

“Where God leads, He feeds; where He guides, He provides.”

“We can only know our true value if we know what God and God alone thinks about us.”