To Know Him Is To Love Him

We love Him because He first loved us. (I John 4:19)
         There is a song that was written in the late 50’s by Phil Spector called “To Know Him Is To Love Him.”  The title is taken from the words on his father’s tombstone.  One verse goes;

                    To know, know, know him

                    Is to love, love, love him

                    And I do, I do, I do.
You baby boomers reading this can probably hear the tune going through your heads.  Spector wrote it as a romantic melody, but it can just as well speak of God.
         Knowledge of the Holy One always leads to a thirst for more of Him. There is an inverse relationship between physical and spiritual food.  The more food we eat the less hungry we become.  The more spiritual food (God and His Word) of which we partake, the more desire we have for Him.  An appetite for the things of God is the byproduct of a love relationship with Him.
         The commentator Matthew Henry once said “Thinking that one has enough grace only proves that one does not, …….. because wherever there is true grace there is a desire for more grace.”  When we truly find God it activates an eternal quest for Him.  One small glimmer of revelation of the ultimate being in the universe can change us for a whole lifetime, not to mention the direction of our eternal abode.  It will cause you to sing, to know Him is to love Him, and I do.

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