Majoring On The Minors

For Hezekiah prayed for them, saying, “May the good Lord pardon everyone who prepares his heart to seek God, the Lord God of his fathers, though not according to the purification rules of the sanctuary.”
 (II Chronicles 30: 18b-19 NASB)  
         At my  college there was a professor named Major Minor.  I couldn’t remember if his name was Major Minor or Minor Major.  I think sometimes in the Church today we get these two mixed up and major on the minors.
         In our biblical reference, Hezekiah prays for the people who had not been cleansed according to the letter of the law, but had set their hearts to seek God.  It is possible for people to have sincere hearts but still have flaws and weaknesses.  Jesus went straight for the heart, while seemingly ignoring some obvious flaws in their character.  Jesus was not sanctioning bad behavior; He knew it had to be addressed at the source and not the symptom. Sometimes we promote people in our churches who are self-righteous law keepers, who just look fine.
         In verse 20 it says, so the Lord heard Hezekiah and healed the people. Hezekiah was a grace giver and according to this scriptural reference, so is God.  Grace always triumphs over the law.  Are you a grace giver or do you major on the minors?
Ken Barnes, the author of “The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places”  YWAM Publishing

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