The God of the Ordinary

Used with permission by Microsoft

It is the hum-drum and routine events of life that we see God most at work.  Yes, God works in the supernatural (miracles, healing, etc.) where He supersedes natural laws and does His thing.  And thank God for those.  But for every one of those, there are untold numbers of seemingly natural occurrences that God orchestrates.  The supernatural most often works in conjunction with the natural.  They may not be as spectacular, but they are no less supernatural. 

This ought to be an encouragement to most of us of us, as most of us if we are honest, live ordinary or routine lives.  Some one once said that the problem with Christianity is that is everyday.  Many believe that being ordinary is a pre-cursor to uselessness.  This is why we often go in search of the unusual and spectacular.  The truth of the matter is that we need not be unusual or spectacular because God is unusual and spectacular enough. 
It is often in the ordinary situations and places—not extraordinary one—that God teaches us lessons with eternal consequence.

Adapted from Ken Barnes, The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places: The Joy of Serving God in the Ordinary (Seattle: YWAM Publishing, 2011), 24–27.

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