Delayed Obedience

This reply came when Abraham’s servant, who had traveled to his master’s homeland to find a wife for his son, Isaac.  The question at hand was not if Rebekah should go, but when.  Delayed obedience is always disobedience.
George Verwer, the founder of Operation Mobilization, once said, “One of the greatest hindrances to world evangelization may be Christian parents.”  This may be a little strong, but there may be some truth to this quote.  In the narrative of our story in Genesis, we see well-meaning family members, trying to delay God’s plan.  Natural affections in families are right and good, but if they take precedent over the purposes and will of God, they become hindrances to fulfilling our God given call.  The Bible says, “there is a time for everything” (Ecc 3:1a NIV).  The family did not say no to Rebekah becoming the wife of Isaac; they just said wait. Sometimes waiting to consider things is necessary, but at other times it is an excuse for disobedience.  It could be allowing family ties to take priority over the will of God.  So many have missed their calling because they listened to a voice that said don’t worry about it now, you have plenty of time.

In this story the family made a wise choice, they let Rebekah make the decision when she would leave.  As Christian parents, there comes a time where we need to let go of our sons and daughters.  We must remember that God can take care of our loved ones better than we can.  Delay can be disguised disobedience.

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Ken Barnes the author of “The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places”  YWAM Publishing

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