The Character of God

Talk about bombing a test.  God is about to ask Job sixty-six questions, none of which he can answer.  Sometimes for God to reveal himself to us, he has to take a little bit of the swagger out of our step. 
Job, humanly speaking, was blameless in relation to the accusations of his friends. In spite of this, God did have a bit of a bone to pick with him.  Job was struggling with something which most of us grapple with from time to time.  Why do the righteous suffer?  It should be noted that God never did address this question directly, even though Job pleaded for it.  Such is life, the “why” question is often never entirely answered, but he does give Job the basis for answering this dilemma. Job is reminded that he is finite and that God is infinite.  When the fallible starts to make judgments about the infallible, we are starting to skate on thin ice.  One of my mentors, Paul Hawkins, often told us, “Never judge God by your circumstances, judge your circumstances by the character of God.”  Never let life’s events color your view of God.  Let God’s character traits, his goodness, kindness, justice, and many others, formulate your take on life’s twists and turns.

The Bible says; The Lord is just in all His ways (Psalms 145: 17a RSV). Either this is true, or it’s false.  We walk by faith and not by sight. Believe it, and you will see it.  Wait until you see it first, and you probably will never believe it.

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Ken Barnes the author of “The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places”  YWAM Publishing

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