Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity 
There is a narrative that prevails in this nation that is ready to light cultural wild-fires wherever it prevails. That storyline is toxic masculinity. 
Recently, the story about Catholic school teenagers dominated the news cycle for several days.  Reports surfaced that portrayed a group of Catholic students as having taunted a Native American man.  Upon further review of the complete video of the incident, it because apparently it that was not clear who was the aggressor, the boys or the Native American man. Many in the media rushed to judgment and presented a distorted view of reality, and just got it flat-out wrong. How could this happen?
Many have said that the media did not verify the source, but the bigger question is why?  A significant part of the press delights in reporting stories that support a narrative with which they agree.  Many who bring us the news have bought into the belief that men, and white men mainly, are the problem.  Of course, some white men are sexist and racist, but we are close to condemning a whole racial gender because of the sins of some.
These Catholic teenagers, on the surface, seemed to fit a profile that some in the media loathe.  They could not wait to get this story out there, even long enough to find out if it was true. Commentary parades as news reporting continually. Spreading the narrative of toxic masculinity will only divide us more than ever racially and by gender.

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