Flip-flops and Cargo Pants

A media pundit recently said the people at Donald Trump’s Florida rally to kick off his 2020 electoral campaign, were all wearing flip-flops and cargo pants.  It was reminiscent of Hilary Clinton’s famous “deplorables” comment in the last presidential election.  It appears the left-leaning press has not learned anything from the 2016 election cycle.
The news narrative has primarily been driven by the east and west coast media elites; Academia that thinks and act like they have a corner on moral authority.  They tend to look down over their noses at anyone who voted for, or in any way supports our President.  Liberals in our country have historically been the champions of the common man.  It appears that we have had a role reversal in this nation.  Trump’s following is mainly from middle-class America.  Not many are from elite universities, or some not college educated at all, but possess the dignity of creating with their hands.  It is people who work hard, pays their bills, and raise their families.  They are looking for common sense solutions to problems, rather than pie-in-the-sky policies from far-left ideologues.  They are the forgotten people of middle America that Trump has found, and arenas are not large enough to hold them.
Maybe liberal politicians and the mainstream media types ought to walk in the flip-flops of the common man who they seem to take delight in disparaging.  Only then will they understand what makes them tick and how Trump wins elections.

Image used with permission by Microsoft.

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