Chris Wallace: Fair and Balanced?


This week On Fox News Sunday, a guest challenged Wallace about his bias. He referred to the guest’s comment as a talking point.  Is it a talking point, or is there bias?  Wallace can be tough on all his show’s quests, but if you analyze how often he challenges liberal and conservative viewpoints, his bias becomes pretty obvious.

Let me make my case.  In the first debate, he challenged both Trump and Biden, yet he brought up far more discussions that were weak points for Trump than Biden.  I suggest that the challenging questions asked were at best 60/40 or probably 70/30 in favor of Biden.  Do the math.  In his show this week on Fox, Wallace interviewed pro-Trump and pro-Biden people.  He did ask the tough questions of both, but again, if you count the number of negative questions about Trump’s actions and policies as opposed to Biden’s, the breakdown was about 75/25 in favor of Biden.

I am not saying that Wallace is dishonest or is trying to be unfair.  He is just who he is, one with a liberal bent, and that is OK, but don’t masquerade him as fair and balanced.  The apple never falls too far from the tree, and Wallace’s tree is full of liberal fruit.  Some say that wisdom is just a keen sense of the obvious, and it is pretty obvious that Chris Wallace is not fair and balanced.

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