The Destruction of the Constitution

The Firewall of our Republic

In February of 2020 the Virginia House of Delegates passed Bill 177 moving Virginia away from the Electoral College system.  Del Mark Levine said, “Every Virginian’s vote should count. Anyone who opposes this bill opposes democracy.”  The problem with this quote is it flies in the face of the intent of the Framers of our Constitution.


They did not form a purely democratic form of government, but a Republic, or a Democratic Republic, as some call it.  The Framers, in their great foresight, saw a day when the more populous states could dominate the political landscape with very little voice given to the smaller states.  The Electoral College is the firewall that the Framers put into our Constitution to ensure that no group of densely populated states or cities could choose our President at the exclusion of the smaller states.


It appears that the Democrat Party has concluded that they can never control our national elections with the Electoral College in place.  Bill 177 in the Virginia House of Delegates starts the dismantling of our US Constitution. Either Delegate Levine and our Democrat lawmakers don’t understand the type of government our Founding Fathers constructed, or they do understand it, and they are intent on changing it to gain political power.  Either way, all Virginians, whether Republicans or Democrats, should be appalled at the destruction of our Constitution.


It has become very evident in the Election of 2020 the power that the Constitution has given to our states in electing a President. The battle ground for the defense of the Electoral College is in the state legislative bodies.  We must work here in Virginia and elsewhere to elect legislators who will defend our Constitution.

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