Critical Race Theory is Destroying Our Nation

Singer Macy Gray, multi-nominated for Grammy awards, said in an op-ed published by MarketWatch, the American flag is “tattered, dated, divisive” and needs to be updated.  She added, “It no longer represents ALL of us.  It’s not fair to be forced to honor it.  It’s time for a new flag.”

Just a few years ago, this comment would have been unthinkable.  Now it’s becoming almost mainstream.  How has this happened?

It started in higher education; critical race theory (CRT), a variant of critical theory, a socialist worldview, was propagated in the college classroom. We teach our elementary students this now.

Deception often appears as an angel of light.  Critical race theory is put forth as a response to racism.  Is there racism in America today?  Of course, there is, but you don’t fight racism with more racism.  CRT condemns people by groups based on the color of their skin.  This theory leaves no room for redemption from past sins.

It sees people only as oppressed or the oppressor; the former is in a continual state of anger, the latter is constantly guilty.

I can be sorry for what my ancestors did in slavery, but I cannot repent of something I have not done.

I can understand why good people who want to end racism are drawn to this theory, but good motives and flawed methods still spell disaster.

It is time to speak out before it is too late.

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