Stop the Bleeding: Our Immigration Fiasco

Good Medical treatment

If you have a major unknown medical condition that causes a severe bleed, you don’t ignore the hemorrhaging until you have found the source of the blood loss. You stop the bleeding first.

US Vice-President Harris, charged with addressing the problem, keeps telling us we need to address the underlying causes.  Of course, we need to know why, but not before the hemorrhaging of our southern border by illegal aliens and drugs is addressed.

If unattended, the symptoms of a medical problem can cause the person to die while looking for the source of the medical condition.  Why is almost nothing being done to stop the flow of illegal immigration?

I guess that they don’t have anything to try but what was done by the previous administration.   To re-establish these policies, the Biden Administration would admit they may not have been as bad they portrayed in the presidential campaign.  Maybe a little bit of humility might be needed for the good of our country.  Humility, that’s a novel concept in Washington these days.

Any country with open borders will not endure as a sovereign nation.  This problem is bigger than partisan politics, which is why Democrats on the southern border are concerned.

Our nation is hemorrhaging illegal immigration and drugs, and no one in our federal government seems to be willing to stop the bleeding.  If Biden Administration doesn’t control our southern border, let’s vote in someone who will

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Ken Barnes is the author of “Broken Vessels” published in February 2021 and “The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places”, published by YWAM Publishing in 2011.

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