Will the Real Terry McAuliffe Please Stand Up

In that famous debate segment, Terry McAuliffe insisted that parents have no role in their children’s education. He then doubled down on this sentiment in a later interview.

Now, he is saying that his words are being misrepresented. Does he think we are all stupid? Is it difficult to understand what parents should have no role in their children’s education means?

What we see here is a political chameleon. McAuliffe said how he thinks or feels, and the blowback he got caused him to change his colors. He is a typical politician who tells us what we want to hear to get elected.

The problem is that once elected, his true colors will come out, and he will govern according to his genuine political instincts. The real Terry McAuliffe has stood up in that debate and shown he has disdain for parents having any control over their children’s education.

I am a former schoolteacher, but I realize that students and parents are our customers. We need to be accountable to them because they pay our salaries.

Once deceived by McAuliffe, shame on him, twice deceived, shame on us.

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