John Kerry’s Delusion

John Kerry recently made a statement on Reuters that he thinks the greatest tragedy of the conflict in Ukraine is its threat to climate change.  Kerry and his disciple on global warming, Joe Biden, only see world affairs through the lens of climate concerns.

A delusion is a belief or impression maintained when contradicted by generally accepted reality or a rational argument.  The Biden Administration’s policy on fossil fuels has led directly to Putin having us over a barrel—no pun intended—concerning energy dependence.  We are buying oil from Russia, which they use to finance their war machine.  Something is amiss with this scenario.

Since the war in Ukraine, the voices of reason have been echoing—just drill.  The response of our President is to turn a deaf ear.  The voices on the left, like John Kerry, are doubling down on their irrational stance because they are not willing to give up their sacred cow of the green new deal.  I am not against environmentalism if it is incremental, and the solutions are not worse than the problems.

People are dying, and a sovereign nation is being threatened, and Kerry’s concern is that it might endanger his climate agenda.  Our anti-fossil fuels policy has allowed Putin to use energy as a geopolitical weapon.

Wisdom, at times, is just a keen sense of the obvious.  This seems to be one of those times.

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