Are You A Fool For Christ?

Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you thinks that he is wise in this age, he must become foolish, so that he may become wise (I Corinthians 3:18 NASB).
            It is possible to be converted to Christ but still be carnal in nature.  The church in Corinth was a perfect example of this condition as their attitudes and actions reflected the ways of the world.  Paul admonishes the believers for their jealousy and quarreling factions.  Some were saying they I am of Paul and others were following Apollos.  How might this be expressed today?  I am a fundamentalists, a pentecostal, a charismatic, from reformed thought.  Obviously all these things have legitimate expressions in the Body of Christ today.  But, if said with an attitude of superiority and to exclude others, can be dead wrong.  What was Paul’s antidote for the irregularities in the church in Corinth?  Paul prescribes a little bit of humility.  If any man among you thinks that he is wise in this age, he must become foolish,…(v 18).   When we have too high of an opinion of human wisdom we are in danger of being deceived.  We need to realize that in ourselves we have no good thing.  We must comprehend our own ignorance, without which we will never totally submit our instruction to God.  Before we are rich we must recognize our poverty and before we are wise we must see ourselves as mere fools.  When we stray too far from the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, we open the door to all kinds of error.
Pray with me.  Lord, by myself I can never understand You.  I need the help of all of Your people.
Ken Barnes the author of “The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places”  YWAM Publishing

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