Do You Have Wisdom Or Just Knowledge?

….Yes, we know that “we all have knowledge” about this issue. But while knowledge makes us feel important, it is love that strengthens the church (I Corinthians 8:1 NLT)
            The world is in a frantic race for knowledge, but knowledge without wisdom it is like a horse without a carriage.  It is not going to take us anywhere.  Wisdom can be properly defined as the loving use of knowledge.  In this portion of scripture, Paul instructs the Corinthians that knowledge would allow them to eat meat sacrificed to idols, but wisdom based on love for those with weaker consciences would prohibit them from this practice.  What is the key to us acting lovingly with knowledge?  I believe Paul tells us in v. 2. Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn’t really know very much.  Knowledge is like humility, if you think you have it, you probably don’t.  Knowledge puffs up but love edifies.  It is through the process of truth going from head knowledge to heart revelation that God develops love in our lives.  You can get knowledge quickly but wisdom comes through a journey.  The eighteen inches between the head and the heart generally takes awhile. The more you understand you don’t have it the closer you are to getting it.  Without humility, it is possible to know the Word of God without knowing the God of the Word.
Ken Barnes the author of “The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places”  YWAM Publishing
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