Democracy or Tyranny?

Tyranny not Democracy
The definition of an impeachable offense was determined a long time ago. We need to listen to what the framers of our Constitution concluded.
As the framers were setting up the guidelines for the impeachment of a President, some suggested that a reason for removing a president could be mal-administration. In other words, you don’t like how the President governs. Alexander Hamilton objected, he stated they were not setting up a Parliamentary form of government like Britain, where you take a vote of confidence and remove a leader. It was to be for high crimes and misdemeanors. That is a high bar, but they intended it to be because of the gravity of the action. I suggest to you that what we are arguing about today is how this President governs. If the Democrats think we have mal-administration today, there is a solution; it’s called an election, not impeachment.
Our founding fathers wanted impeachment to be the last recourse, not the first. The Democrats have been talking about impeachment since the Presidential Inauguration in 2017. Is the reason we have had one investigation after another of our President because the Democrats don’t believe they can beat Trump at the ballot box in 2020? Democrat Representative Al Green of Texas said it out loud, “I concerned that if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected.”
The will of the people is being usurped.  What we see playing out before our very eyes is not democracy, but tyranny.
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