Spiritual Entropy

Rather, you must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18 (NLT)

Entropy in the natural world is a move from order to disorder. This is true in the spiritual world as it is in the natural world.

It is an observable fact that anything unless acted upon by something else, will start to break down or go from order to disorder. Our spiritual lives mimic this scientific law. Faith will weaken unless our faith is acted upon by some form of discipline, such as Bible reading and study or prayer. Spiritual growth is not optional; Peter said you must grow in grace and knowledge. Spiritual progress is always intentional; it does not happen by chance.

Yes, God does give us experiences to enhance our spiritual growth, but without the promises in the Word of God, we will never be able to navigate and learn from life’s encounters. Jesus, when tempted in the wilderness, said, “It is written.” You can never use “it is written” unless you know what is written. And you will never know what is written without the discipline of reading and studying the Bible. And remember, naturally and spiritually, food and hunger have an inverse relationship. The less food you eat, the hungrier you become, whereas the more you feast on God’s Word, the more you want.

And yet, we have not mentioned an essential part of spiritual growth–the Spirit of God. Without a dependence on the Holy Spirit, we cannot even understand the Word of God. There must always be a balance between the Word and the Spirit of God. All Spirit and no Word, and you blow up. All Word and no Spirit, and you dry up. A divine balance between Word and Spirit, and you grow up.

Lord Jesus, give us grace and knowledge and help us to order our lives so we will grow in Christ.

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